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Money laundering is converting money or other monetary instruments obtained from illegal practices into money or making investments that appear legitimate. Local and global laws applicable to companies whose users can make deposits and withdrawals from their accounts.

KMD FX strictly follows the conditions of the anti-terrorism financing policy carried out against money laundering activities and ensures that company employees fully comply with these standards. He wants them to bring it. For this reason, the Firm takes all necessary measures to find and oppose money laundering and terrorist financing. Internal rules are observed in accordance with relevant global requirements.

KMD FX money laundering procedures Transactions Performed The purpose of anti-money laundering procedures carried out by Aron Capital is to ensure that users engaged in certain practices are identified within a reasonable standard, as well as compliance to minimize the burden and impact on legitimate users.

KMD FX is committed to supporting governments around the world in financing terrorist activities and combating money laundering. For this reason, KMD FX has developed a highly effective state-of-the-art electronic system. Thanks to this system, customer identity data is documented and verified, and detailed records of all transactions are monitored and kept. KMD FX carefully monitors suspicious and important trading movements and such events 'provide timely and comprehensive information'. reports to law enforcement agencies. In order to preserve the structure of reporting systems and protect businesses, the legal framework provides legal protection to such information providers. In order to minimize the risks against money laundering and financing terrorist activities, KMD FX never takes cash deposits or performs cash payments.

KMD FX reserves the right not to approve any transaction at any stage where it considers the money transfer to be in any way connected with money laundering or criminal practices. KMD FX is prohibited from reporting suspicious activity to users. Identification and verification of customers To ensure compliance with anti-money laundering laws, KMD FX requires two types of documents to verify the identity of the customer. The first document we request is a government-issued document describing the document with the user's photo on it. A government-issued passport, driver's license (for countries where a driver's license is considered the primary identity document) or local ID card may also be valid. The second document we request is an invoice that includes the investor's personal address and the correct address published at least 3 months ago. An invoice, bank statement, statement or other document from a globally recognized organization with the address and name of the investor is also valid. To make changes to the phone number associated with the Investor Profile, the firm's investors are required to maintain a document confirming that they have a current phone number (a mobile operator agreement) and a photo of the user's identity next to their face. The user's individual information will be the same in these two documents. Company users are required to submit their updated identity and contact information on time as soon as the change is made. Documents in non-Western mail must be translated into English by the official translator; the translation must be stamped and signed by the translator and sent with a clear picture of the client and the original attached.

Payment Policy: Deposits and Withdrawals Please note that refunds to Skrill payment method and debit cards are illegal. In order to make a withdrawal from a trading account using one of these methods, funds will be sent to your wallet within 3 working days. If money is lost while processing the transaction, a refund cannot be made using the refund method. We recommend that you read the risk disclosures before starting trading. KMD FX requires that all accounts with the name of the exiting user come from their own name that matches the name of the user in our records. Third party payments are not accepted. POn behalf of interim withdrawals, withdrawals can be made from the same account and in the same form. For withdrawals with the name of the recipient, the name must exactly match the name of the user on our records. If the deposit was made via wire transfer, funds can only be withdrawn by wire transfer to the same bank and account of origin. If the deposit was made by electronic money transfer method, funds can only be withdrawn by electronic money transfer method using the same system and from the account from which they originated. The Firm accepts deposits in the following currencies: USD, EUR, CHF, AED, RUB, INR, MYR, IDR, BRL, ARS. To fulfill AML, TRY procedures, withdrawals must only be made in the currency used for the deposit. If you have any problems, please contact us via e-mail: