Forex; is a foreign exchange market where the currencies of countries are exchanged and valued. Turkish Foreign Exchange words are derived by shortening. The global forex market is the most liquid financial market in the world with a daily trading volume of 5.5 trillion dollars. Those who take an active role in Forex markets; central banks, commercial banks, portfolio management companies, brokerage houses and institutions, international funds, large investment companies and individual investors.
Two types of currencies are always used in Forex trading, also called currency pairs. In pricing of the currency pair, the value of the first currency is determined against the value of the second currency. Investors, on the other hand, aim to earn from price movements by analyzing the currency pair's appreciation and loss in the future.
For example; If the investor believes that the US Dollar will appreciate against the Turkish Lira, he buys US Dollars on the platform and sells Turkish Lira. The equivalent of this on the platform is the Buy USDTRY (BUY).