Our FSCA License guarantees investors' investments of up to 100,000 USD.

As Kuveyt Global's Financial Market activities, which started in 2007, have reached the maximum level in the last two years by increasing its investor mass and paid-up capital every day, it is the investment pioneer of the sector with its corporate support in Global Markets by combining its professional Investment Specialists and Consultants with its technological infrastructure. Kuwait Globalin is an investment company in Finansala Markets.


While providing the best service quality to our investors with our forward-looking perspective and strong financial support, we always keep ourselves open to innovation and development with the feedback we receive from our quality departments.
We are on the way of a leading company by offering many featured services in financial markets to our investors in the fastest way.

550+ Investment tool
5/24 investment and attraction opportunity
7/24 Professional Expert Support
Competitive Spread / Swap rates
17+ Investment tools
24/7 price flow

Our Vision and Mission

Kuwait Investment, as a branch of Kuwait Global, which has been a pioneer in the sector for many years, aims to lead the sector by expanding its investor network in the field of financial markets in the sector with its strong technological infrastructure.